8 European plant-based food brands to follow in 2019

Plant-based is in trend and plant-based food brands are beginning to really be all over the shelves. Here are the 8 food and drinks brands to watch this year!


Those three boys are from Dresden in Germany. I guess you don’t care about the city really but since I went to school there, I had to say it. They believe that chocolate can be good for you and good for the environment – and they’ve rethought everything from the ground up.

Their chocolates are sweetened with coconut flower nectar and are packed with superfoods like acerola or hemp seeds and the nicest blend of spices.

You’ll plant one tree for each bar you’ll buy and won’t contribute to the plastic ocean. A project that ticks all the boxes, great job guys!

Where can you find them?

In organic stores in Germany, on DM’s online shop + on their own online shop

Check them out:



Chocolate covered chickpeas… The first time I saw that was in California and as a girl who’s obsessed with bringing chickpea cookies to the market, I grabbed two packs of each flavour I could find at Whole Foods. And I loved it! So, imagine my joy when I came back to France and saw that Coralie and Adeline from Chiche were launching a sweet range of chickpeas snacks.

Yes, it’s chocolate covered chickpeas and it tastes great! And by the way, they also have a full range of savoury roasted chickpeas for aperitivo time!

Where can you find them?

In selected organic stores in France

Check them out:



Bitchy Club was founded by Anja, an award-winning graphic designer from Slovenia. It’s a range of canned rosé with bubbles. But it’s so much more than that. To me, it’s THE brand that women will be proud to represent in a couple of months (Anja, don’t let me down on that one!).

The statement is pretty straight forward: women are cool, loving and sweet but they also have attitudes, opinions, make bad decisions and speak before they think. Rings a bell, right? Well, those are the bitchy moments you’ll be proud to tick on your can very soon. Be ready!

Where can you find them?

On their online store

Check them out:



For a couple of years now, vegan cheese is more and more easy to find. But this one, believe me, you’ve never tasted one like that. Nour and his Parisian team did two years of R&D and used all the fermentation and maturing techniques from the French cheesemakers.

They succeeded in capturing some of the texture and very specific flavours you can only find in cheese.

As we were talking, Nour said: “I want people to think about Les Nouveaux Affineurs when they want to buy good cheese.” Let’s bet that it will very soon be the case, if it’s not already!

Where can you find them?

On their online store

Check them out:



I was a big fan of Hippeas when I discovered Bepps in the UK. Black eyed pea puff snacks, it was almost like the chickpea ones I would have literally every single day when I was in California.

Those ones are smaller but thick enough for you to get that super crispy texture in your mouth. And the flavours are delicious!
And I fell in love with the vibrant colours of the brands! It’s one of those snacks you can’t stop eating once you’ve begun. But come, all plant-based so all good, right?

Where can you find them?

In the UK at Planet Organic, Harvey Nichols, Tesco, As Nature intended and Wholefoods + on their online store

Check them out:



In the spirit of making the best tasting kombucha, so people could drop their soda habits, the guys at Refeel Kombucha are launching a new range of traditionally fermented sparkling tea. Its production comes from a rigorous selection of organic products and a unique process of cold infusion of Sencha green tea and kombucha culture.

Refeel Kombucha is incredibly light and refreshing and has only 45 calories per bottle, which has its peaks! They have three flavours for now: Ginger Lemon, Peppermint, and Blueberry Elderflower. Can’t wait for them to be in stores!

Where can you find them?

In bars and restaurants in Paris – coming soon to Luxembourg!

Check them out:



HARi&CO is the idea of Benoît and Manu, two food engineers from Lyon in France. At the end of their studies, they became very interested in legumes and developed a lentil patty when they were still in school. Aware of the challenges of over-consumption of meat, they were convinced that the trend of plant-based proteins will intensify in the coming years. And God were they right! I’m even more of a big fan of them since they launched their new products: the super soups. One soup is a real meal with 400 kcal,16g of protein and only natural ingredients in a plant-based and biodegradable plastic bottle! What else?

Where can you find them?

On their online store

Check them out:


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The aim of these guys is to accelerate the transition towards plant-based products, inventing the next generation of dairy. And being compared to a now giant brand like Ripple mustn’t be easy all the time. But the two boys from Berlin leave nothing to chance and their milk nails it! It’s creamy and tastes more natural than Ripple.

I had the chance to taste it in the Proveg incubator in Berlin where they have their offices and I would buy it right away if it was available on the market! You go guys!

Where can you find them?

On fairs for now, they’re coming!

Check them out:


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