Are You Ready To Build A Real Lifestyle For Yourself As An Entrepreneur?

Ever read those articles about how successful entrepreneurs wake up at 5 AM in the morning? Probably, since they’re all over Medium, LinkedIn and even Instagram.

I personally love this kind of articles since I’m lucky enough to be a morning person. But is it possible that every person that hits the snooze button in the morning is unsuccessful? I’m having a hard time believing that and you late night owls, probably also.

Build a morning routine

Building a morning routine can help a lot when you enter the entrepreneurial adventure. You’re going to be stressed, worried and probably all over the place most of the time in the beginning. So having a rock to jump from into the ocean of the day will help. And that is true no matter if your routine starts at 5 AM or at 8 AM.

Move and breathe!

At this point, you probably think: « yes, now, she’ll tell me to meditate and do some salutations to the sun. » And you’re right. Breathing and moving help a lot. But it doesn’t mean you have to take half an hour for that every morning.
You’ll end up ditching your routine the second you’ll be traveling, anxious or stressed out about something anyway.
So try to find a time and space that works for you. For example, I have to take the train in the morning to go to the coworking and the trip lasts 20 minutes exactly. So I do my meditation on the train with the Insight timer app. And I never ever ditch it.

Get the right food in

You wouldn’t put fuel in a diesel car, right? This is the same for food.
I’m not going to tell you what to eat or drink in the morning since I’m almost never having breakfast (created an extra cookie brand to change that 🙂 ) but let’s go through some basics.
You’ll probably be fuller until lunch if you have oats than if you have a croissant. You’ll probably feel lighter if you have a juice or fresh fruit than if you have a croissant. Don’t get me wrong, I’m French and I love croissants. But let’s be honest, croissants don’t love me back.
The only reasonable advice to give here is: find the food that serves your energy and not only your tastebuds.

Select some good reads

It doesn’t have to be The 4 Hours Week by Tim Ferris or The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky, although those two are really good books that I would recommend anyone to read.
But allow yourself to get your head out of business when you read. Go for novels, science fiction, reread all the Harry Potter books! My things are philosophy and poetry. It gives me the depth and beauty I sometimes don’t see anymore in my day to day activities.
So once again, ask yourself: what does good to your brain ?
And please, do a favor to your eyes and avoid screens.

Keep track of your progress: the secret ingredient behind motivation

This is a thing I’ve not engaged in for now. And writing it, I deeply regret it and I’m planning to start with it tomorrow (no, today actually !).
Be it in the form of a journal (yes, old school writing on paper feels good sometimes) or in your iPhone notes, I think it’s truly important to see where you stand compared to last month. Especially at the beginning, you learn and get better every single day. And I believe, seeing it written makes a difference and keeps you wanting more of that progress.
It’s exactly like when you begin to run and you’re out of breath after 5 minutes. When you’re out of breath after 15 minutes a month later, it’s a blast.

Keep betting on yourself

I’ve worked in an accelerator and once, I had a founder on the phone announcing to me that he went bankrupt and that he’s closing the company, the whole thing with tears in his voice. What are you supposed to answer to someone telling you that he now realizes everything he had sacrificed for the company and that it had been 8 years of putting his own life aside? You just don’t wanna be in his shoes.

And a good way to avoid that is to keep betting on yourself. Don’t forget about the crucial difference between skills and qualities. Your evolution through your company is all about building new skills and it’s great. But continuing to work on yourself, to work on becoming a better human being is as important (if not more).

You had personal goals before starting your project. Don’t ever think about dropping them. I had started learning Russian. I still do my fifteen minutes of Russian a day. It takes discipline and most of the time, I don’t wanna do it but I still do. Because I don‘t ever wanna feel like that entrepreneur I had on the phone.

There are probably a thousand other things that you could do to build the lifestyle that works for you as an entrepreneur and I would be happy to know what you do on a daily basis to feel good and be your best you!

We all have two lives. The second one starts when we realize we only have one. — Confucius

Camille Tomat

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